Frontage The Motivation Design Company.

Our mission is to motivate people to act upon their desires, but so far this is something we have not been able to fully achieve.

In an age where we are presented with so much information and so many choices, the mechanisms driving human behavior have also changed significantly.
In theory we now may lack for nothing, but we can still be easily and randomly swayed to want or do things.

In a world where we have everything we need, motivation has become the key to changing behavior.
Insights from big data into the mechanism driving unintentional, casual interest have changed our approach.

As creators in the digital age, we connect people and brands through the screens of their mobile devices.
As designers in real space, we aim to stimulate the desire to touch and try things out, an important counterbalance to our digital devices.
As consultants, we work with our clients to analyze their challenges and set objectives to promote internal attitudes that are positive and forward-thinking.

As specialists in human motivation we aim to become partners guiding our clients to success.

The Frontage Motivation Project has begun, and Frontage Motivation Lab is drawing professionals in motivation design from many fields.

Frontage - The Motivation Design Company.

Frontage a market creation partner.

Identify challenges, Idea, Execution

Using these accumulated strengths, we deliver companies, businesses, products, and services more to the world, and support business expansion as a market creation partner.

01Identify challenges

Problems that are surfaced are not necessarily the real problem. We grasp the changes of the world through the eyes of the consumers and watch the world go by. By analyzing data and verifying at different angles, we discover the true challenges with clients.


What is the clue as to facing the true challenges? Can it generate people's motivation and change their actions? We will think through targets, stakeholders, and ideas that change the world in any way.


Mass media, digital, PR, events, business vision, product development, inner branding, etc.
To the part beyond the advertising and sales promotion areas, we deliver the ideas to great experiences. In every process, we get close to clients, sometimes become a member of them and execute the entire project.

Company info

Corporate Name
Head office
1-18-17, Nishi-shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo,
Japan 105-0003
JPY 100 million
April 1st, 2002
Sony Corporation 60%
Dentsu Inc. 40%
Members of the Board
  • Ryuichiro Takase
    President & Representative Director
  • Takahisa Fujiki
    Vice President & Representative Director
  • Shigeo Yazaki
  • Midori Tomita
    Outside Director
  • Yoshinori Saito
    Outside Director
  • Hiroshi Igarashi
    Outside Director
  • Norifumi Adachi
    Outside Director
Corporate Auditor
Misako Goto
Corporate Auditor (Part-time)
Corporate Officers
  • Ryuichiro Takase
  • Takahisa Fujiki
    Vice President
  • Tomonori Murakami
    Corporate Officer
  • Tsuyoshi Ohka
    Corporate Officer
  • Motoo Minemura
    Corporate Officer


Meisan Nishi-Shimbashi Bldg, 1-18-17, Nishi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan 105-0003
T. +81 03-3596-0300 F. +81 03-3596-0359